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So here is a bit about me...

I would firstly describe myself as an artist, my background is in arts, crafts and fashion. I enjoy creating and making and this comes in many forms!

I have been training as a nail tech since 2017, qualifying in 2018 not only as a nail tech but also in e-filing , gel polish application, nail art and much more!


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Whilst the nail industry can be a place where marginalised people can flourish, I have experienced significant barriers to my career as a queer, disabled, biracial, working class person working as a nail artist.  

I have sat at the heart of a growing movement of
outspoken diverse nail technicians, and have gathered experiential anecdotes across the sector. I hear time and time again that my experiences when working in the nail industry, particularly from a workplace culture and disability rights perspective, are not unique. 






My latest project is called "In your hands / (IYH)”. It is a fully funded program made up of a small group of professionals (including myself) who are donating their time in order to support nail newbies, specifically people from marginalised backgrounds

We are creating a pipeline of diverse talent by taking on 2-5 people throughout an expanded one year training course to teach them everything we know about the nail industry. We hope that we will be able to grow the project in order to mentor as many marginalised nail newbies as possible.


IYH provides the required industry recognised qualifications, and offers its own expanded education, resources, equipment, networks and mentoring that the mentees need to start their own nail art business. 

Through workshops, networking opportunities, 1-2-1 mentoring and coaching, a community of practice and expert seminars, the trainees will not only qualify as nail technicians, but will leave with professional networks, an education in financial management and business insight.

We are currently working with industry pros, brands and companies to construct partnership agreements so that no ground is left uncovered. For IYH it is vital that our programme offers the following to each mentee FOR FREE!!

  • A fully accredited nail course 

  • A full nail kit (including nail art materials and tools)

  • Student insurance

  • Subscriptions and memberships to online resources 

  • Networking events 

  • Article features in leading nail magazines

  • Workshops and masterclasses 

  • Drop in sessions with nail pros & brands

  • And much More

For more info please follow IYH on instagram or send us an email at

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It is very important that BUFF BAR is...

  • LGBTQIA + friendly

  • Inclusive and diverse

  • Disability friendly 

        -Not only is it important that BUFF BAR is friendly and welcoming to people who identify with the communities listed above but,          it is important that BUFF BAR supports these people and communities-

  • Accessible (Unfortunately at this moment in time, Buff Bar is not wheelchair accessible)

  • Avoiding using and supporting products / companies who use and advocate testing on animals

  • Aiming to use and support as many vegan products / companies as possible

  • Aiming to be as eco friendly as possible 

  • A clean and safe environment


If you have any questions please contact us by TXT, PHONE or EMAIL 
TEL - 07904360437



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